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Welcome to the ramblings of a demented mind, I remember that as a line from a novel that I was forced to read in High School although I don't remember the name.  This part of the Web site is dedicated to me, no not me Steven Guthrie but ME a new grower of Daylilies.

Cathy first started growing daylilies three years ago when she decided to become a gardener.  She started with the popular Stella De Oro and soon added Happy Returns and Lollipop.  That first year the lilies grew well and with no problems at all !, I had been growing Roses and with them it was one problem after another after another.  Last Spring I jumped into the daylily part of the garden and we soon added Strawberry Pixie, Christmas Carol and Black Eyed Stella.  Cathy and I had joined the Tulsa Daylily Society in 2004 and became active in 2005 and due to winning door prizes we added several daylilies to our collection.

You've heard some people say they had a hobby that "went out of control" well....... that happened to me.  You see Cathy and I live in a three bedroom house on a lot 55ft wide by 155ft deep and we have a 50ft. Pecan tree and an equally sized Sweet Gum tree, both in the back yard.  Cathy set out to have a "Cottage Garden" where she grows many different varieties of Flowers and Shrubs.  Last summer we had about 20 assorted daylilies in our yard UNTIL......... (1) I discovered the Internet and (2) the TADS group had a daylily sale.  As of April 1st 2006 I have just over 100 daylilies most of which are seedlings that should produce their first flowers this year.  This Journal is meant to be a place where you can come and see whats happening at my daylily garden, and probably get a laugh or two. 

I'll be the first one to say that I know very little about what I'm doing however what I've managed to do so far hasn't Killed anything yet!

April 1st My New Daylily Bed DSCF0020.JPG (343816 bytes)this space is approximately 200sq. ft. (5ft X40Ft).  Since my lot is a small one we've had to breakup the ground outside our fence close to the street.  We will be planting the daylilies so they can be seen best from inside our yard.