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Actually, this began a few weeks ago after our sale.  One of the beauties I bought, Kashan, was dug from Joe Maxfield’s garden.  I surfed the Internet to find what each of my Daylily purchases would look like when they bloomed. 


But, I ran into a problem when I got to Kashan.  I gleaned some information from Joe about the bloom’s hybridizer, Bob Tankesley-Clarke.  Joe praised Kashan’s unusual petal shape, color and distinctive foliage. 


I looked up everything I could find concerning Kash, Kasha, etc. Couldn’t find a thing.  There were several mentions of the name “Kasha” associated with plants and biology, but I was way, way off.


Finally, I wrote directly to Bob Tankesley-Clarke at Adamgrove Nursery in California, Missouri.  He was the hybridizer of Kashan.  Who better to ask about how it was named?  He graciously answered my questions in an email which I include for you to read.


Bob writes: 


Thanks for your inquiry.  Kashan was named for an ancient/current city in Iran - on the Silk Road perhaps.  I had another dip about the same time which I named Khan.  I like names with exotic geographic/historic references.


I don't know Kasha.


Kashan won for us the AmHemSoc Region 11 Hybridizer (of the year) Award at the summer regional meeting in Topeka a few years ago.  It was putting on a tremendous display in two tour gardens.  (all thanks to the growers) I believe Kashan was on the cover of the MoKanOk Region 11 Newsletter following its win in Topeka.



Thanks for your note.  Our garden is on the Region 11 tour next summer.  Hope to see you there.


Bob and Eric Tankesley-Clarke


This is one of the things I like the most about using the Internet; even a knave like me can converse with a king.  Thanks again, Bob.